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The Greater Company of Mary

Article in Inform Newsletter Issue 114 – September 2018

The idea of a prayer ministry among our lay companions first formed in the mind of our Founder Mary Potter during the early days of the Little Company of Mary (LCM). Prayer for the suffering and dying was her deep concern. Mary Potter lived at the time of the Industrial Revolution. She witnessed illness, great poverty, the break up of family life and woefully inadequate resources. She longed for a great circle of prayer for the suffering and dying, to address these social issues.

Today we call our prayer companions Associates and Affiliates; together the Greater Company of Mary. Associates are women and men who are drawn to the LCM spirit and desire to incorporate its spirit and vision into their daily lives. They commit to daily prayer for the suffering and dying.  Affiliate members also commit to daily prayer for the suffering and dying.

Mary Potter asked all of us, LCM Sisters and Greater Company of Mary members, to live daily in the presence of Mary and to pray with Mary’s maternal solicitude for the suffering and dying. We invite and encourage you to join the Greater Company of Mary prayer ministry.

“If you would do an act that would endear you to your dear Lord, pray for the dying. Today they need your prayer, tomorrow will be too late” (Venerable Mary Potter)

Srs Mary Scanlon and Helena Kearns LCM

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