Little Company of Mary Around The World:

LCM’s Work Around the World

The Sisters of the Little Company of Mary minister their work in various ways around the world and their mission of making sure every person receives the love and care they need is far reaching.

They have provinces and regions in New Zealand, Australia, Tonga, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Italy, Southern Africa and South Korea. Prayer and care for the sick and dying is at the heart of each of the ministries.

Below are some examples of the Sisters’ ministries across the world.

Southern Africa:

Work being undertaken by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary in Southern Africa includes:

  • supporting people who are affected by HIV and Aids in high density areas of Harare;
  • working with disadvantaged children and providing them with education, food and clothing at a crèche in Mbare; and
  • providing healthcare services to the people of Buhera.


Many Timor-Leste people face health challenges including poverty, child malnutrition, tuberculosis (TB), malaria and a general shortage of medical and nursing personnel.

The Sisters of the Little Company of Mary have provided support to the people of Timor-Leste through funding, education and palliative care.


There are four sisters working in the Tonga region. Their ministries involve Hospital Chaplaincy, Prison Chaplaincy, counselling, working with disabled adults, and pastoral care in schools.




“Go forth … the whole world is your domain. Go forth into all nations. The God of Mary will be with you.  Fear not.” (MC 14)

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