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Final profession of Sister Helena Kivalu LCM

The Final Profession of Sister Helena Kivalu was a beautiful and very memorable occasion in the life of the Little Company of Mary (LCM).

On Saturday 12th January 2019, the morning dawned brightly in Tonga.  There had been much preparation at the St John the Baptist Catholic Church at Pea, Tongatapu in readiness for this important day.

LCM Sisters from Tonga, Ireland, America, Korea, New Zealand and Australia; Sisters Bernadette and Elizabeth from LCM Congregational Leadership in London; Sister Helena’s family and friends; and parishioners from St John the Baptist Catholic Church; all gathered together for the big event.

Cardinal Mafi celebrated the Mass of Perpetual Profession, with many local Priests and the parish Deacon also present. The Celebrations were beautifully enhanced by the music and voices of the Tongan Church Choir, which were truly magnificent.

The Cardinal spoke beautifully about Mary Potter and her founding of the Little Company of Mary in 19th Century England; about the Sisters commencing the LCM mission and ministry in Pea in 1974; and of how the LCM spirit spread to the outer island that was Sister Helena’s home.

Sister Helena pronounced her vows in the presence of Sister Bernadette Fitzgerald (LCM Congregational Leader). Sister Bernadette then presented Sister Helena with her ring that had been blessed by Cardinal Mafi.  At the conclusion of Mass Sister Helena received a Solemn Blessing from the Cardinal.

The ceremony was followed by a delicious luncheon provided by the families and local parishioners.

During the meal there were speeches from various members of Sister Helena’s family along with Sister Bernadette, and Sister Kathleen Cotterill (Region Leader). Sister Helena spoke of all that this special day meant for her, and of her thanks and deep gratitude to God, her family, the LCM Sisters and all present.

Between speeches there was dancing, singing and entertainment.

The day concluded with Cardinal Mafi giving a blessing to all those present.

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