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Sister Mary Scanlon on 70 years of service with Little Company of Mary

With kind permission from Steven Moe ( we have attached a link to an interview he completed with Sister Mary Scanlon last year.

Sister Mary was born in 1929 and knew she wanted to be a nurse early in her life.  In January 1949 she joined Little Company of Mary which is coming up to 70 years of service.  In this interview we talk about her early life and memories of the first radio her family purchased, the Great Depression, the start of World War II and at age 16 her first experience of being with someone who died while she was working as a nurse caring for them.  We then talk about what she has learned through a life of service and in particular about light and love.  This is a most unusual interview and one I think is particularly powerful so I hope you enjoy it. – Steven Moe

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